Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 04/09/2012

Links of Interest for Sept 2012

I’m going to start a new monthly blog post of all the things I’ve found interesting on the web. In the past, I would just “share” them on Facebook. Yes, it’s on my FB timeline. However, I would like a better way of keeping in track of the interesting articles, pictures, videos, etc. that are out there.  So here it goes…

The Right Way to Speak to Yourself  by Peter Bregman (in the Harvard Business Review)

The Mind Business: Yoga, meditation, ‘mindfulness’ – why some of the west’s biggest companies are embracing eastern spirituality  by David Gelles    (in FT Magazine)

13 Surprising Uses for Honey by Katie Waldeck

Can Ginger Beat Out the Multi-Billion Dollar Acid Blockers?   by Sayer Ji 

Study: Forcing a Smile Genuinely Decreases Stress  by Lindsay Abrams  (in The Atlantic)

What My Son’s Disabilities Taught Me About ‘Having It All’  by Marie Myung-Ok Lee  (in The Atlantic)

Shifting Suffering into Gratitude: Go Upside Down  by Ilene Solomon, LMSW

Defusing Stress   (in Reader’s Digest Asia)

7 Tips to Create Your Own Luck by Rachel Brill

8 Natural Anti-Aging Secrets From Asia  by Kirby Koo (in Mind Body Green)


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