Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 09/02/2012

NYTs Article on Mindful Eating 7 Feb 2012

It’s wonderful to see an article on Mindful Eating in the New York Times (7 Feb 2012). Jeff Gordinier did a nice job interviewing mindful eating experts like Jan Chozen Bays and Lilian Cheung, and mindless eating expert Brian Wansink. Jeff also did a good job of explaining mindful eating in an easy to understand way.

According to Jeff, mindful eating is “about experiencing food more intensely, especially the pleasure of it”.

A lot of people have a negative relationship to food. There’s some type of fight, flight or denial response we have when it comes to food and ourselves eating food.

We use food to temporarily distract ourselves from negative feelings by pushing down or ignoring feelings.

We use food to run away from our true needs or we’ve come to associate food as the saving grace to comfort our needs. If we need love and comfort we need a hug or someone to talk to…not more food. It’s not something to be ashamed about. It’s just a habit that we’ve learned over time. The good news is ….is that this habit can be changed.

Or even more simply we’re so busy with multitasking and cannot even realize how fast we’re eating food, how it tastes, or know when enough it enough so overeating and weight gain occurs.

Mindful eating brings back the pleasure of eating food again. You learn to really love food again the way it’s meant to be loved. If you really love something you spend time with it and make the effort to get to know it better, yes?  If you love your car, you spend time cleaning it, driving it, looking at it, using all your senses to FULLY experience it. Why not also fully experience and love food?

With loving and mindfully experiencing food you will be satisfied with much less. Have you ever ate popcorn mindlessly in front of the TV or in a movie theater and realize the whole bag is done even before the program is half-way done?

When you are satisfied with much less and it’ll give you time to focus on other things as well. Ever try to do two or more tasks at work or home? It’s harder to focus and complete the job at hand when you’re reading emails and trying to write a report at the same time. The same goes for eating.

Thank you, Jeff Gordinier for writing about mindful eating and thank you, New York Times for publishing the story and sharing it with the world.


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To read the NYT’s article click here.

Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC® a registered nurse, author, certified health coach facilitator (NSHC), and Intuitive Eating Pro® counselor coaching people in achieving positive behavioral changes to improve their health and well being. Her passion is to  free her clients from whatever unhealthy habits currently entrenched in.

Julie privately health coaches individuals internationally. For a free introductory phone/Skype health consultation email her for an appointment (limited time only).



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