Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 08/01/2012

Coach Julie’s Inspirational Videos

So in honor of my most recent post “Great Health & Wellness Videos” I had another idea of having this “Inspirational Videos” post. I’m going to post and share all the videos that are inspirational to me. I hope they will inspire, motivate and/or bring a smile to your face. So keep checking back time and time again to see what new videos I’ve added.

Is fear holding you back?

This guy’s company was recently bought for $700+ million USD. It’s an inspiring story. Thank you Edwin Padlan for sharing it!


Enthusiasm Unleashed

Imagine enjoying your work this much! 🙂


How Bad Do You Want It YouTube Video (thanks, Elisa for sharing!)

A 6 min video that will ask you how bad you want to success…is it as bad as breathing? If so, then you’ll achieve it. 🙂

Jeff Lieberman on Science and Spirituality
Imagine how the world would change if 7 Billion people thought “we” instead of “me”. – Jeff Lieberman


Amanda Gore’s How to let people know you love them…Zoot, Zoot!


Brene Brown’s TEDxHouston Talk on The Power of Vulnerability



Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk on The Stroke of Insight

Come back again to see what other videos I’ve posted! 😀 Thank you!  If you have an inspirational/motivational/happy video you’d like to share post the link in “comments” and I’ll add them if I agree with you! ;D You’ll also get credit (name, website, etc.) of course for sharing the video!

Julie Chiu, RN, MS, CHC, IC is a pioneer of mindfulness-based health and “positivity” coaching in the Asia-Pacific region. She is Hong Kong’s only Certified Health Coach (National Society of Health Coaches), Intrinsic Coach®, Certified Intuitive Eating Pro® Weight Management Counselor and Mindful Living & “Positivity” Behavior Specialist. She also serves on the professional advisory board of the National Society of Health Coaches and is a certified law of attraction facilitator and trainer.

Julie is known as the “How To” Lady on breaking free from unhealthy lifestyle habits and helping clients achieve personal success and freedom through creating positive behavioral changes in their lives through individual coaching, corporate training sessions, and group workshops. In addition to coaching clients, she writes for online and print media and conducts lectures and workshops on mindful eating, weight management, relaxation, changing limiting beliefs, increasing positivity and job satisfaction in the workplace, and evidence-based health coaching.

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