Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 24/03/2010

Client/session #4; 96 to go!

So client #4 was a family member. It was great reconnecting. It was a bit cloudy as to when the “coach” hat was on vs. the “family” hat.

For some reason, when it comes to close friends & family I have a tendency to spew out a bunch of solicited advice: “try this…”, “what about this..?”, “have you done this?”, “why on God’s name did you do THAT???”

As an Intrinsic Coach (R), the methodology suggests coaches to “hold back” and let the coachee/client come up with the answers themselves. I agree with this approach b/c I truly believe that as individual as everyone is, what may work for me, will probably not work for them. Everyone is capable, competent & complete. They know themselves better than anyone else and they know how best to reach what they’re wanting.

Lessons learned:

-trust in the intrinsic coaching methodology/process
-hold back on giving advice…even to family members & close friends. They are capable, competent and complete just like everyone else. They can figure out what’s best for them. Support them in finding what’s most important to them rather than throwing information/”shoulds”/”have tos” their direction.

I need more clients & sessions! Please spread the word! I know people out there read these posts! I don’t bite! And now I’m actively trying to be an Intrinsic Coach! Let’s help each other out. If you or anyone you know would like a free health coaching session, please contact me. Thanks!

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