Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 23/03/2010

Is Mindful Eating possible when hormonal?

Last week I started an 8 wk Mindful Eating workshop. There’s an “awareness journal” section in the companion workbook and this week’s assignment is to journal 1) why I’m eating (hungry, triggers or rules) and 2) to ID what eating cycle I’m in (3 cycles: instinctive, overeating & restrictive). After each week, the journaling focuses/adds on another topic.

So what I’m noticing the past several days is that I’m eating past the level of satiety (is that a word? I think so) after dinner (AKA overeating cycle). Not to the point where I’m stuffed or sick…but definitely past the point where my body no longer needs the extra “fuel” to perform daily operating functions.

This week, it seems like it’s mostly due to hormones (a physical trigger) and rules (eating perfectly b/c now I have to be an “example” role model) with a sprinkle of emotional eating as well. Fortunately, I’m happy to say that I’ve used some tools/strategies that have successfully veered me away from food sometimes, but it’s not working all the time. I wonder if the perfectionist in me becomes regretful & guilty at the “imperfect” actions which then puts me into a “restrictive/deprived” cycle mindset (eating what I “should” be eating) thus perpetuating the yo-yo eating (Eat-Repent-Repeat cycle) over and over again. Most likely.

I have to remind myself all the time that I’m not perfect and to be kind. It’s taken 30+ years to get to the level of awareness needed for change. It’s a work in progress and progress is where I’m headed. I’m grateful for these workshops, because I also learn more about myself in the process too, which, I hope in turn can come back to help others.

I think I’m comfortable with the “why” of eating…now the next three workshops will focus on the “when am I hungry?” (Am I ACTUALLY hungry? I’m NOT hungry, what now? and False Hunger). I don’t have a problem figuring out when my body doesn’t need more fuel. My problem is to STOP reaching for food when I get to that awareness point. Wish me luck! I’m reaching for progress, not perfection…progress not perfection…have to keep reminding myself of that.

Karen Casey’s quote for March 20th:

For too many of us, feelings of shame, even self-hatred, are paramount. No one of us has a fully untarnished past. Every man, every woman, even every child experiences regret over some action. We are not perfect. Perfection is not expected in the Divine plan. But we are expected to take our experiences and grow from them, to move beyond the shame of them, to celebrate what they have taught us.

Each day offers us a fresh start at assimilating all that we have been. What has gone before enriches who we are now, and through the many experiences we’ve survived, we have been prepared to help others, to smooth the way for antoher woman, perhaps, who is searching for a new direction.

We can let go of our shame and know instead that it sweetens the nuggets of wisdom we can offer to others. We are alike. We are not without faults. Our trials help another to smoother sailing.

Affirmation: I will relish the joy at hand. I can share my wisdom. All painful pasts brighten someone’s future, when openly shared.



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