Posted by: Health & Lifestyle Coach Julie | 23/03/2010

How to shorten blog posts on WP

Finally figured out! So for the longest time I was wondering how other people shorten or summarize their blog posts (so people don’t have to scroll through a bible to get down to the end).

I used my basic researching tools:
1) Goggle, google, goggle (can find a lot of “how to”s)
2) WordPress help search box
3) Linkedin Group discussions (if you join the right type of group a person just starting a business can find a lot of resources…for example, I joined a lot of coaching, small business, and networking groups)

But to no avail! But just now…I was on the WP (wordpress) dashboard and under “Settings” then “Reading” there’s a setting where posts can be “summarized”.

Presto chango? No…at least not yet. For some reason, after “save changes” I don’t see the “changes”? WTF (as my friend Sue likes to say, “What the freak?”)?

Maybe it needs some time to summarize all the posts? I’ll have to check back tomorrow to see if it worked or not.

Fingers are crossed!

On a side note, a friend and client emailed a very encouraging note today. It’s nice to be validated and encouraged. I encourage everyone reading this to go out and write a note like this to a friend/loved one. 🙂 Hey, and if you feel like you need one…write one to yourself! Self-love is just as important too.


Addendum March 27th:
I thought the above is what someone had to do to shorten a post but after a few days, the posts didn’t change. So after spending more time looking at WP’s help section and still not finding what I needed when typing “how to shorten posts”, “how to summarize posts”, an several other types of key words in the search box. I succumbed and went to the WP forum. Presto chango! Someone else had the same question and someone was nice enough to answer it! Thank you! Finally!

Here is the link on how to “create More tags” on blog post. No wonder I couldn’t find it! WP calls it “more tags”.

So from this post forward, I’m going to try do add this “more tag”. Wish me luck!


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